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lmsar team photo
lmsar team photo
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What We Do

Laurel Mountain K9's are worked in a variety of disciplines including; Air Scent, Trailing & Human Remains Detections.

Air Scent - Air-scenting dogs detect human scent that is airborne and often work off-lead to cover large areas of land. They are usually non-scent-discriminating, meaning that they detect scent from any human as opposed to a specific person.

Trailing - A trailing dog is trained to locate an individual by following a scent trail. Breeds commonly used for trailing are Bloodhounds, Labradors, German Shepherd's, the Malinois and other types of hound breeds. A variety of other breeds can be used as well as long as the dog has the proper drive. Since these dogs are scent discriminate, they are typically scented with an article of clothing, vehicle or object, belonging to a victim. This dog follows a more direct path on a long line.

Human Remains Detection (HRD) - HRD dogs are trained to ignore live human scent and animal scent, and only indicate on human remains. These dogs can be used to find human remains related to crime scenes, old missing persons cases, small scent sources, and natural or man-made disaster events.

lmsar team photo
lmsar team photo
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